In-Home Design Services

I need help pulling a room together with new furniture, accessories, and styling.

I already have furniture but I need help with room layout and soft finishes such as window coverings, rugs, artwork.

I’m renovating and need help picking out hard finishes such as flooring, cabinetry, and countertops.

I’m in the beginning / middle / end of a project and I need a fresh eye to finish the space.

Our in home design service is perfect for the client who is motivated to elevate a room (or rooms) in their home but needs help with the vision and execution of such a project. Using in-home collaboration, presentation, and implementation of our design, let xohome transform your space to fit your lifestyle.

Our Process

Step 1

Initial Contact

After you submit a contact form through our website, we strive to reply within 2-3 business days. Please note, the average lead time on a new project is approximately 2-3 months before we are able to get started.

Step 2

Planning and Estimates

We start with an in person meeting to see the space, get to know you and your needs, and answer any questions. We like to take pictures and measurements at that time as well. If we are in alignment, we will send over our contract and first design fee. Upon approval and payment, we begin our work.

Step 3

Design and Execution

Once we begin, it typically takes 3-4 weeks for us to design the space and prepare everythning for our initial presentation(s). With the utltimate approval of the design, we shift gears to begin the actual execution; which includes everything from the ordering, tracking, inspection, and storing of items, to organizing, scheduling, and managing outside trade workers. Keep in mind, every project is unique, so schedules and the amount of labor can shift, but we will work with you to ensure the best experience in achieving your dream space.

Step 4


Before our final install day we bill the remainder design fee balance. Install day (that best day!) we bring in any remaining items and style the room(s) to perfection with any final accessories.

Let's Talk Price

Design Fee:

  • We charge a flat rate per room based on the scope of the project. We bill 50% before staring and the remainder right before completion.
  • Design fee’s include curating a plan including moodboards, floor plans, samples, and anything else needed to communicate our vision for your space at your presentation.
  • We order and track items. We store items other than pieces over 100lbs, those are sent directly to you.
  • We assist with any addition trade vendors such as painters, electricians, installers, etc. They do not work for us, but we have several recommendations for people that you would pay directly.
  • We hand style and help install the final room design in your home. Any accessories left outside of our initial plan are for you to decide to keep and pay for separately.

Cost Estimate:

It all depends on the scale and scope of each project. As a quick point of reference, our design fee for complete full-service design and decorating per room can run between $2,000-$4,000. We advise our clients to expect at least $10,000 all in per room. Outside of design fees, we pride ourselves with working within any budget.

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